CDE - Course design and evaluation

  • The unit gives an overview of types of syllabuses in foreign language teaching; analyses advantages and disadvantages of each type of syllabus and describes peculiarities of synthetic and analytical syllabi.
  • The aim of the course is to familiarize course participants with the main constituents of the course design and to give them the possibility to analyse and work out samples of syllabuses. By the end of this lessons, you will be able to distinguish the types of syllabus used for a particular course, to reveal their strengthens and weaknesses for a specific group of learners and to devise a course syllabus.

Unit 1. Course design

Lesson 1. Types of syllabus.

Lesson 2. Syllabus design.

Lesson 3. Evaluation of syllabus.

Unit 2. Material design and evaluation

Lesson 1. Types of teaching material.

Lesson 2. Evaluating material

Lesson 3. Selection and adaptation of the material

Lesson 4. Electronic material.

Lesson 5. Material for developing intercultural competence

Unit 3. Assessing learners

Lesson 1. Types of assessment

Lesson 2. Alternative assessment

Lesson 3. Assessment design