TLT - Technology and Language teaching

Module description

By the end of the module students will have become familiar with the features of different learning technologies, will have discussed the advantages and disadvantages of using a variety of different technologies and have had the opportunity to implement a variety of technologies. They will have also gained insight into theoretical and practical perspectives on procedural issues concerning the delivery of different learning technologies, and having acquired the practical experience of using them, will be able to choose the most appropriate technologies depending on a range of factors, including the general context of the classroom, the learners’ age, the range of classroom activities.


Module learning outcomes

Participants will have a clear understanding of opportunities / options web technologies provide.

They will be able to:

• gain competences / skills for implementing technologies into the classroom;

• create tasks and activities with the help of technologies;

• evaluate activities and exercises with the help of technologies;

• justify the choice of learning technologies.

Unit One - Introduction to using technology in the language classroom

Lesson 1 - Review of ICT in language teaching and learning

Lesson 2 - Developing critical awareness of the Internet

Lesson 3 - Digital literacy in using technology

Unit Two - VLE opportunities

Lessons 1-2 - VLEs: opportunities and challenges (structure elements, different platforms)

Lesson 3 - Assessment via VLE

Unit Three - Using e-materials

Lesson 1 - Online reference tools
Lesson 2 - Exploring educational online resources;

Lesson 3 - Features of Web 2.0

Unit Four - Classroom application of different technologies

Lesson 1 - Developing language skills using web tools 1 (reading and writing)

Lesson 2 - Developing language skills using web tools 2 (listening and speaking)

Lesson 3 - Professional networking